Major enhancements involving Shiftboard’s Availability Tools are up and rolling.  This development project was in response to many customers’ valuable feedback.  Shiftboard’s online scheduling tools allow users to update and add to their availability 24/7.  All users specify when they are both available and unavailable.  If a manager clicks “Enforce Availability” when assigning shifts only users who have specified they are available will populate.

Employee scheduling is now simpler than ever.

Managers can’t accidentally schedule employees during conflicting hours.  It is is no longer your responsibility to schedule around every doctor, dentist and hair appointment, parent-teacher conference, or a family vacation.  If Jane doesn’t work Fridays the system won’t allow you to schedule Jane on a Friday.  Of course, managers always have the ability to override availability and can schedule any employee whenever necessary.

Sharing this new tool with current Shiftboard customers is fun.  From medical scheduling to event management scheduling, our customers are astounded by the value provided and shocked when I promise there is no additional cost to their monthly fee.

-Alison J.


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