Online Scheduling as a search term brings up a lot of results, as do most searches today. Millions of pages. How do you process it all? If you are trying to solve a problem, like scheduling a team of 200 hospital nurses or call center agents, where do you turn?

If you’re looking at just text results, it is pretty easy: You stick with Page One results…

But, if you use different tools, like this visual search tool from Google called the Wonder Wheel.

Online-Scheduling-WonderWheel-Online-Employee-SchedulingSolving Scheduling Problems

Very quickly, you can see where the results are much easier to process. We’re visual beings and seeing a quick little diagram can make the search far more meaningful.

Like any savvy company today, we spend part of our time thinking like our customers do — what would you search as a term to find an online scheduling solution if you were a nurse staffing manager or an event management scheduler or a volunteer coordinator needing to schedule 5,000 volunteers next month?

We don’t always know the answer, but if we look at search patterns, we can see where we fit and don’t fit. Not every piece of this image pertains to Shiftboard or one of the business services segments that we frequently serve.  However, I can look here and, at a glance, know where I want to go. The visual spokes make it easier for me to find relevant terms and narrow down my search to the right online scheduling software tool for me and my organization.

To get here, when you search within Google, on the far left side is “Show Options.” When you click that, a bunch of different options appear and about half-way down is Wonder Wheel.