Nurse Manager and Leadership Books

Shiftboard | September 17, 2009

Nurse Manager and Leadership Books

Nursing and nurse scheduling is an industry we serve. From hospitals to clinics to nurse staffing firms, we talk to a fair number of nurse managers. Every profession that comes to us has a scheduling challenge they need to solve. We solve scheduling in a way that makes a nurse manager’s life easier and existing customers refer us to their colleagues.

Part of how I started this search is from reading a post on the “Nurse Scheduling Problem” at Wikipedia. I was surprised to find a specific entry (and we didn’t start it) on this focused topic. Since I don’t head to the gym very often these days like Rob does , I had time on my hands one night after work.

But I often wonder, particularly with nurses, how they manage it all. My mom was a nurse and a manager and I often listened to the tales of how they managed to staff all the shifts, scrambling to fill a shift just in time nearly every day. Now when I go to the doctor’s office, and I have to wait, I think who is scheduling the doctors and nurses? I decided to do some research and see if anyone had written a book (or two) on how to be a good nurse manager or nurse supervisor.  What sorts of resources would I find?

Nurse Scheduling for Managers

That was the title I hoped to find so we could buy ten copies and share them with customers. I didn’t find that title, nor do I think we’re going to write it any time soon, but I did find a few five-star rated books (and a few that just had good titles) that I thought I’d share.

1. Nurse Manager’s Survival Guide: Practical Answers to Everyday Problems

by Tina Marrelli. This one was out of stock, but it seemed to be one that was high on the buy list.

2. A Charge Nurse’s Guide: Navigating the Path of Leadership (Paperback)

This one had two five-star reviews. Book by Scott Allen.

3. Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing (6th Edition)

This textbook had nine reviews and if you had to keep one on your bookshelf, this was it.  By Eleanor Sullivan.

Nurse Manager Books on Amazon

If you search Nurse Manager, you won’t find loads of titles, but you will find 15 or so useful nurse staffing, nurse manager, nurse leadership books.  If you have some favorites, or know of some good resources that we should review and list, please share them with us by email.  We are also combing the web to find good nurse discussion groups and social networks specifically for the professional nurse.