I like BNET.com for their business articles and the range of deeper issues they cover surrounding biz and tech.

Stefan Deering writes at the BNET Intercom blog about a comment made by Seth Godin, famous marketing guru (who I also follow and enjoy).  But Godin made some comment about how nonprofits are blowing it and don’t get social media. Godin couldn’t be more wrong.

We have a fair number of nonprofits, event management types, who are all over the Twitter-sphere and Blogosphere and Facebook-sphere (okay, that last one is a goofy stretch word-wise).  Point is, they do get it. They are leveraging the tools as well or better than some of the, scratch that, than many of the corporate and media types I know.

I’m voting with Stefan. Seth Godin Is Wrong about Nonprofits and the Web