Not long ago, the New York Times included Shiftboard in an article. Columnist and blogger, David Strom, talked to Rob Eleveld about the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between online scheduling and calendaring.

Scheduling is a mission critical business application. Calendaring is simply a shared view of events or other items with date-oriented features. In web terms, online calendars tend to be virtual bulletin boards.

While many useful tools exist for basic calendaring, when staff interactivity is required, those tools quickly break down somewhere between 20-40 people, especially when business requirements, reporting, adjustments, and rules must be applied or managed. Strom interviewed one of our customers, the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau, which has been using Shiftboard to coordinate Durham Wayfinders, a group of more than 350 volunteers who help with local events.

Of course, we were honored to be included in one of the nation’s finest papers and one of the best known in the world, but more so we appreciate that the journalist understood the finer points around online scheduling because that’s how we successfully help customers.

–TJ McCue