As the end of the first month of 2011 winds down I can’t help but wonder how many of those New Years resolutions have really kept up.  I know that my resolution to workout everyday, no excuses, went out the door oh…around January 5th.  But here’s the problem with resolutions like that, they may make your life “better”: healthier, skinnier, more energy, etc., but they also inherently make your life a little more difficult.  One more thing to pencil in everyday and one less hour of work, play or sleep. I’m not trying to justify my 12th failed attempt at the same resolution, but I have noticed that there are 2 different types of resolutions.  One’s that make your life harder (like mine) and ones that make your life easier.

The ones that make your life easier usually have something to do with getting more organized.  Things like keeping your desk clean, not procrastinating, systematizing certain processes that usually make your life a living nightmare.  For all you managers, schedulers, and volunteer coordinators this may seem obvious, but why not tackle your scheduling system? Whether you already use Shiftboard or have been thinking about it, there are a few key things that every scheduler should aim for.  Here are Shiftboard’s top 3 simple ways to get organized in 2011:

1.  Make sure all of your employee or volunteer contacts are up to date.  Doing this now will ensure that once you are back in the thick of things, be it a festival, sale, or a particularly busy Monday, you won’t get stuck on trying to figure out which of Steve’s phone numbers actually work (if any).  Whether you remind your people to update their contact info themselves or you do it for them, it will certainly be worth everyone’s time.

2.  Run your reports early.  Figure out who needs license/certification renewals before they expire.  See if coverage gaps are filled.  Make sure everyone is meeting your minimum work requirements.

3.  Get rid of those millions of spreadsheets.  In today’s day and age you have plenty of options to streamline your scheduling process.  Shiftboard makes it easy to get all your information into one place without passing around  that pesky, long, confusing spreadsheet.

So simple, yet so effective.  Here’s to a more organized, efficient 2011!