Everyone gather around! We have an awesome new enhancement that I know you will all be very excited about. If you use Shiftboard for your timekeeping, allowing your workers to clock in and out, you probably already know that currently we round your timecards by specific minutes and intervals that you select. We just released a new way to gather more precise hours. Now you can round up or down based on your own preferences. Let me explain.

When it comes to timecards, rounding to the nearest 15 or 30 min interval is a very common practice. At a lot of companies, when someone clocks in at 9:14 they would rather have that round to 9:15 for payroll purposes. However, when someone clocks in at 9:07, would you prefer that to be rounding up or down? Now you can choose!

If you have have timekeeping enabled, go to your Timekeeper settings. You’ll see a new option called “Rounding: Clock-in/out time.” Here you can choose which interval you need and whether you’d prefer it to round to the nearest interval time.

Take a look at this new enhancement and as always, let us know if you have any questions!