Are you excited?! We’ve made Shiftboard even more customizable! Need some extra dropdown fields when creating shifts? I had a feeling you did. Introducing Custom Dropdown Fields!

If you’ve ever taken a look at the Schedule Application settings in Shiftboard, you would have stumbled across a number of different additions that can be added when creating shifts. One of our most popular fields are the custom text fields. In addition to this, we’ve added the ability to include up to three custom dropdown fields.

To setup your custom dropdown fields, go to Settings > General Settings > Application Settings and choose Schedules. Select the Custom Dropdown Field Settings link.

Input up to three different field names and then select the values link to input the values you’d like to see. You can view these dropdowns now when creating a new shift.

Were you wondering when more customization options were coming around? The time is now! You’re welcome.