One of the unique aspects of Shiftboard is our ability to work and excel with clients from very different industries. From small businesses of ten workers to hospitals scheduling thousands of individuals, people come to Shiftboard looking for an efficient way to manage their scheduling. We see this diverse client pool as a strength – a symbiotic relationship dynamically beneficial for all parties involved.

Shiftboard does not operate on a one way street. Our clients provide us a wealth of intellectual power and perspective to improve our product. We provide schedulers with a service, they use it and respond, and we incorporate their feedback.  Recently we received enough input regarding a certain feature that we escalated it on the development list. When assigning a shift, you can now assign it to multiple individuals in the same step. Clicking ‘Pick Multiple’ will give you a list of workers who can take the shift. Simply toggle multiple members and click “assign”. Don’t worry, the options to individually assign, bulk assign, auto assign, check availability and enforce seniority still exist.

Our developers are sharp, but our clients’ insight is invaluable. Please keep us in the loop. Share your ideas and suggestions, we are all ears and your thoughts are heard.

– Alison