As everyone probably already knows, you’ve been able to send free texts with Shiftboard for years now, and you still can!

Recently we’ve added our Premium 2-way SMS messaging service. This allows you to send text-based “conversations” added directly into the automated scheduling and transaction workflow.

We get it. Your employees are busy. These days, everyone is glued to their smartphone pretty much 24/7. Sometimes the fastest and easiest way to get your shifts filled is through text messages.

With Premium SMS, you’ll never have to worry about coverage again. When you post a shift to the calendar, you have the option using Premium SMS to blast out the shift details via text message to everyone in the team. Conveniently for your staff, all they have to do is reply back with a code to pickup the shift. Whoever replies first wins!! Easy, convenient, and organized. There is no requirement for them login to their Shiftboard account to pickup the shift with this option.

We thought you’d like that! Let us know if you’d like to enable the Premium SMS service on your Shiftboard site today!