Don’t know much about Indoor Lacrosse? Neither did we, but we love learning new things at Shiftboard. Here is a primer on the game’s long history:

Lacrosse is one of the oldest team sports in North America. The original game was given as a gift from the Creator to the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois). This sacred game is revered by the Haudenosaunee and handed down through generations as a game of discipline and honor; it demands the purity of mind, body and spirit. Traditional games were often major events that lasted several days, drawing as many as 100 to 1,000 men from opposing villages.

If the games themselves weren’t enough, the Haundenosaunee peoples will host a Cultural Festival on the Nation during the Games.  Native dancers, musicians, artisans, and craftsmen from across North America will showcase their Nation’s history, values, traditions and talents. The Onondaga will host a Buffalo Roast to commemorate their International visitors on the Athlete’s Day of Rest prior to the Final Games.

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