Scheduling is as hard as it is nuanced. In fact it’s down right messy. From balancing the creation of your schedule to the available people to staff it, to time off requests and the skills needed to complete the job, balancing the calendar takes enough of your time. Shiftboard can help with all of that. In addition, you probably want to keep track of how your workers or volunteers are doing. Shiftboard makes this easy with our Manager Note Tool. You are able to easily download manager notes into Excel.

Manager Notes

Manager Notes makes it easy for you to track employee’s performance. You can link it to a shift, a team or just make it a general comment. It is easy to do a lot of them at once with your ability. These reviews can be more qualitative or more quantitive with our account scoring features.









Review Types

Shiftboard gives you the ability to customize the review labels within the system. Not only is it a quick way to label the comment or review but it is another piece of information that goes into the report. This makes it easier to group types of reviews and gives you another option you can sort by. Below is an example of the types of labels possible, though really the sky is the limit.

Screen 2









Custom Fields

A new addition to the Manager Notes tool is Custom Fields. There are a variety of fields for you to choose from including Yes/No, drop downs and open text fields. You are able to use as many or as few as you want. You have access to turn them on or off in the Manager Notes setting. Feel free to play around with them and make them your own. Additionally, all of this information can be uploaded through a template that you are able to access. This makes creating reviews incredibly easy.

Check out a mock review below to see this powerful tool in action.

Screen 5