A wise man once said, “Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand.” Confucius always seems to know just want to say. Here at Shiftboard we know learning a new system is hard. In fact, it takes time, effort and energy – all things you are short on, which is why you came to us.

We want to support you in that endeavor, whether you are exploring Self Service for the first time, searching for new ways to track hours and employee information for staff or volunteers, or you are an existing customer in need of a refresher call. That is why we are crazy (okay, almost fanatical) about our screen sharing software join.me.

We literally (and we really mean that) could not be as helpful as we are without it. This is how we connect with you, our customer. It gives us the ability to not only show you what we are doing but we can actually involve you in the process so you understand your new system. We are all about that.

You get your first taste of join.me as you go through our sales process. Our account managers use it to illustrate how our solution works. They have the chance to show you the product in all its robust glory. This way you remember it. You love it. You buy it.

Now you get to learn Shiftboard, so we get you involved. We are here to help! You will set up screen sharing sessions with a member of our support team for your trainings. Here, you and your organization take center stage. We will bring up your very own site, show you around and help you set it up. You are involved in every decision making aspect because Shiftboard needs to work for you. And since your site is private, the ability to lock meetings is crucial. We wouldn’t want someone to stumble into a meeting. Join.me requires people to put in a name and knock to join.

Not only can we show you how things looks but we can record these sessions. No one expects you to learn Shiftboard in a day but these helpful tools go a long way in that vein. As times goes on and you get more comfortable with Shiftboard we can always open up a session to help answer your more advanced questions.

Three cheers for join.me