Ever tried to sign into your Shiftboard account (or any account) and you type in your password, hit login and it tells you the username or password is wrong?

You do it again, going just a little slower than normal – making sure your typing is precise. And still it comes up wrong.

So you do it again. This time typing one finger at a time – paying extra attention to your caps, numbers and special characters – and it still comes up wrong.

Take a deep breath. It is likely that it isn’t you, it’s your computer.

A lot of browsers will store your passwords for you to various sites. It is an incredibly handy tool, most of the time. However, sometimes it gets “stuck” with the old password. In order to update the password you will have to clear the cache. Each browser has slightly different instructions on how to clear out this old information. To make this easier we are including links to instructions on how to clear the most popular browsers – just click on the name.