At Shiftboard, we listen to our customers.  If one customer has a particular need somebody else is likely to have a similar request.

A few weeks ago I started hearing quite a bit of feedback from our call center customers.  They were requesting the ability to view calendars in an hourly view in addition to the current day view. Call center scheduling is unique because shifts often are assigned in very small increments of time.  This type of scheduling is nothing like your typical 8-hour shift.

Shiftboard understood the request and recognized the value an hourly view would provide.  The hourly view was developed quickly.  This view slices data into clear and concise information.  Managers see color-coded assigned and unassigned shifts for each hour by team and employee.  The hour view allows managers to ensure adequate employee coverage amongst a highly variable schedule of inconsistent demands.  The option to see who, when, and how many employees are working during a specific time period saves time and money.

Other types of customers have started using the hourly view as well.  This view is perfect for event management companies scheduling employees & volunteers or office managers scheduling nurses & doctors.