How many of you out there read the paper and shake your head at what is going on in Washington, DC?  Evidently a small victory (very small) may be scored this week as it appears that both parties will agree to an extension of 2 weeks so the federal government doesn’t shut down.  So it goes.  I’m not celebrating.

But as I sit here on a return flight to Seattle crunched in a middle seat with my elbows pinned to my rib cage, I’m pretty jazzed.  I had a whirlwind day in DC meeting with Shiftboard customers who are pushing to make a difference.  And the news was good, so it’s worth recapping in a little three part series.

I arrived yesterday evening after a drive in from Richmond.  I was pleasantly surprised that my sister had chosen an excellent beer bar, the Meridian Pint, for dinner on the north side.  How can you go wrong with 30 beers on tap including a number of Belgian ales?  We caught up over a number of excellent pints courtesy of Stoudt’s Brewing Company in Lancaster, PA.  Give their beer a try.  You won’t be disappointed.

This morning started with an interesting discussion with a human resources and IT manager Steve at the Treasury Department. A massive cup of dark French Roast coffee from Au Bon Pain helped significantly.    Treasury has implemented a standard 360 review process for nearly a thousand top officials.  Shiftboard provided the self-scheduling of all those sessions.  Most importantly, the new review process appears to be very well planned and sounded to me like one of those feedback loops that should improve performance of officials and generally improve the return on our collective tax dollars.