Film festivals, music festivals, art festivals… usually they are independent of one another. If you want to watch a cool movie, go to a movie festival. Or if you’re looking for some music, music festivals have the singers you want. However, what happens when you want to see a show and watch a movie all in the same day? Where are the festivals that combine the best of the best together?

Look no further! Thin Line Fest is here! Located in Denton, TX, for 5 whole days you can watch the best documentaries, see nationally-touring acts every night, or browse through the photo galleries downtown! Currently in its 8th year, the festival first started out film based with over 60 films in its first year. Only in 2014 did they add the trifecta and become a triple-threat festival that included music events and in 2015 photo events.

Thin Line has come a long way in the past 10 years! This non-profit puts on a wide variety of shows to entertain all ages and keep everyone happy. One of the key elements is that this is an entirely volunteer based event. The show can’t go on without you so please consider donating your time and volunteer here!