“Creating change one story at a time”

That is the powerful message that Outfest Film Festival has been trying to inspire the world with. The festival, located in Los Angeles, CA is in its 32nd year. It’s the oldest film festival in Los Angeles and attracts an audience of about 40,000 people over 10 days.

Don’t miss the opening night gala this year! The feature film is “Life Partners” and features an incredible cast with Leighton Meester, Gillian Jacobs and Adam Brody. The film is a story of two best friends who realize they can’t spend the rest of their lives watching “America’s Next Top Model” with each other on the couch, so they brave the world of internet dating. This hilarious movie reminds us that gay or straight, we’re all in the same leaky love boat together!

Outfest is looking for volunteers to help support this incredible festival from July 10th to the 20th! Be sure to sign up here!