It’s Burning Man time!

Burning Man is not a festival. It is an event. Created from nothing, a mini city is built in the middle of the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada. After a week, the city is collapsed and left as if nobody was ever there.

The first Burning Man began in 1986, when Larry Harvey and some friends met on Baker Beach in San Francisco. They burned a 9-foot wooden man as a make shift bonfire ritual. Ever year since then, the wooden man has grown in size and burned towards the end of the week. This year, the man stands over 40 feet tall and set in the middle of the playa.

Burning Man has Ten Principles that encompass the ideas for the city. But the reason this is successful ever year, is because of the dedication and support of the volunteers. As a non profit organization, they rely on passionate members of the community to help in all aspects of the event.

To find out more information about volunteering for Burning Man, visit their website here. Burn on, Burners!