Now when putting in people's availability you can search for and attach it to a team.

Here at Shiftboard, we know there are many intricacies when it comes to creating a schedule and one that is well-balanced is a work of art. We know that people’s time is valuable and that you view your employees (or volunteers or contractors) as your greatest resource. We endeavor to make scheduling them as pain free as possible and that means addressing the nuances that come with scheduling.

One example of one of the nuances to be considered is people who wear many hats in your organization. Shiftboard has always allowed people to be on different teams – it only makes sense. But we have taken that to the next level. We have added team specific availability options.

An example of what the new dropdown looks like if you are searching for availability for a certain team.

Now we can help you better address the fact that sometimes you need information beyond whether someone is available but what you want to know is that they are available for a particular team. Whether your teams are set up by skills, sites or locations you probably share workers across a few teams. This lets you know if someone is available for a specific team. For example, Jill Smith is available as a caterer on Mondays and Wednesday but is a bartender on Fridays and Saturday. You have the option of putting that in availability. You also have the option of putting in general availability for Jill if on Thursday she can work wherever.  Or you could have a guard who works at a particular site four days a week and then works at a second site on the fifth day. You can put that in by simply adding the team (it will default to general).

Happy Scheduling!