During many situations in life, it’s a good thing to have a backup. Shiftboard makes this easy with our Standby List! If someone cancels or doesn’t show up for a shift, Shiftboard can easily fill in someone to work automatically if they’ve requested to be on standby for that day.

There are two options to choose from using the Standby List. First, managers can select specific days to allow Standby Lists for those teams. Members can sign up for these days if they’d like to be placed automatically into them when a spot opens up or to be notified first. The other option is to allow general open Standby Lists created by your employees. All they need to do is select the dates and times that they are available and list themselves as “On Standby.” Managers can easily see this information when needed.

Learn more about Stanby Lists by contacting us at feedback (at) shiftboard (dot) com.