Shiftboard is highly-customizable.  There is flexibility within each of the tools you choose, the fields you make visible to various people (administrators, fellow managers, coordinators, and other worker types), rules for placement, and the kinds of automatic notifications it can send out.

But did you know that you can create custom multi-picklists in your Shiftboard site that can provide highly-specific information within your schedules?

“What is a custom multi-picklist” you ask?

Like our other custom fields, the custom multi-picklist let managers create, track, filter, view, update, and report on information – from the very specific to quite general – within each of your assignments. More than one item within the picklist can be designated.

But wait – there’s more!

Beyond tracking custom information directly in assignments, managers also have the ability to tie specific lists any team and then use the pick list within the shift scheduling process. This is an often overlooked feature of the custom multi-picklist tool. Based on how teams are set up, managers can create unique picklist items per team to achieve more accurate scheduling, and reporting.

Here’s an example: ACME Security Company requires its guards to have specific gear for specific functions. The Shiftboard manager can build his or her own “required gear” picklists based on the guards’ teams (or “Posts”). The Late Night Post might have “standard uniform, flashlight, and night goggles in their “required gear” multi-picklist, while the Water Front Post might include a life vest requirement, foul-weather gear, or other informational instructions related to work happening on the water.

In short, using custom picklists makes it super easy to create shifts with the right information for the right people.

We hope this helps you with better organization, speed, and efficiency to get your scheduling done quicker and easier than ever!

To setup a custom multi-picklist for a specific team:

  1. Enable the pick list from General Setting – give it a good name!
  2. Go to MyTeams (or whatever you’ve chosen to call your teams) from the dashboard
  3. Select a team and choose the Settings tab.
  4. In the Management toolbox, click on “Edit custom picklist”.
  5. Add the items you’d like to select from when scheduling that team.