Shiftboard’s Timekeeping tool allows your employees to clock in and out a number a different ways. Whether they choose to do this from their phone, by calling a specific number or using the QR code, Shiftboard can compare the exact minute they clocked in to the time they were scheduled to work.

The Adherence Report shows you this difference. Any overages are easily found in red in the “Difference” column.

To find the Adherence report, associating timecards with shifts must be turned on. To enable this, select Settings > General Settings > Application Settings > Timekeeper and verify that the first option called “Associate Timecards/Clock-ins with Shifts” is set to Always – (Required). You can then pull the report by going to Reports > Timekeeper and selecting Schedule/Timecard Adherence. Put in the correct date range and any additional filters needed, select Get Timecards, and choose the Download this Report link to view the Difference column.