There are certain things that are burned into my brain. One of those things is what my 8th grade teacher said during a unit on advertising. Let me paraphrase for you, “Companies will often advertise a product as being both new and improved – how can that possibly be true?” Well, we have managed the impossible. We improved our acknowledgement tool and added some exciting new options to help with your scheduling needs and communication with your staff.

Turn Acknowledgement Tool On

Before, your members could acknowledge or accept shifts, letting you know that they saw them and were working it. They could also decline shifts, letting you know that the position needed to be filled by someone else. However, when they declined it left the assigned person in the shift until you reassigned it, that way there was a log of who was originally scheduled.

Now to the new: You can choose to have your site set so that when someone declines a shift they are automatically taken out of the shift. It will then appear as red (or available) on the calendar. We are all about options here at Shiftboard, so you can choose to either let them decline it and be taken out automatically during the same time period they can cancel their shifts (i.e. they can cancel up to seven days before the shift – the same rule would apply) or they can decline it whenever, without letting them unconfirm the shift.

This is where you can choose whether or not they can decline or decline and remove themselves from the shift.

If that wasn’t enough we went one step further. You can set your Shiftboard site so that once they have acknowledged or accepted a shift they are locked into that answer. They can’t go back to change their minds.

Here you can choose whether or not your members can change their answers.

If you want to enact any of these changes or start using acknowledgements on your site you will find the settings by going to Settings> General Settings> Application Settings. First look under Viewing Options for “Track Member Acknowledgements of assigned Shifts” and make sure that is turned to Yes. Click on the Acknowledgement Settings link and adjust accordingly. A little further down the page under Rules & Transactions you will find Acknowledgement Notifications. You can choose whether or not you want managers to be notified of what people are accepting or declining.

Don't forget that you can choose whether they can decline shifts at all.

Here at Shiftboard we know no two companies are alike so you can use some or all of these new settings.

The Support Team is here to help so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or want some help getting started with this new AND improved tool. Is this exactly the tool you are looking for? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.