For any employee or volunteer picking up multiple shifts the process is now much faster.  In addition to the Monthly, Weekly, Daily, and Hourly calendars we have created a “List View”.  This view is absolutely genius!

With List View, users toggle various opportunities and with ONE additional click assign themselves to each of the selected shifts.  If enabled by managers, users can also unconfirm themselves from multiple shifts.

iStock_000005228202XSmallAmong others, this feature is ideal for EMS scheduling, security scheduling and call center scheduling.  These workforces don’t generally pattern the typical 8 hour workday.  Shifts tend to be extra long or super short, ad hoc, unpredictable and ever changing.  In one sweep workers can schedule themselves for multiple shifts on different teams, at various times, across all locations. Users are only capable of double booking themselves if previously enabled by a manager.

According to one volunteer scheduling manager “list view saves workers valuable time, when it’s easier to pick up shifts, volunteers pick up MORE shifts.”  This is just another reminder that employee scheduling software doesn’t need to be complex or cumbersome.  Shiftboard’s ease of use and intuitive design keeps things simple.