Did you know that Shiftboard offers Drop Point Service? Interested? So what is Drop Point?

Drop Point is an automated, scheduled batch job service. This allows you to automatically export custom reports and data files from Shiftboard. You can export these files to external systems such as payroll, enterprise HRIS/HCM/ERP, internal databases and dashboards. Similarly, Drop Point can be used to automate the importing of batch exports coming directly from other systems.

For example, if you use an external HR system, Drop Point can help to automate the data transfer from Shiftboard to this outside system and vice versa. In conjunction with our timekeeping tools, we can capture time card data in real time that can be exported to your payroll system.

If you would like more information on Drop Point and how it can work best for your situation, shoot us an email at feedback (at) shiftboard (dot) com.