One of the best features of Shiftboard is your ability to control who can see, edit or manage information. We know you are collecting important information about your workers/volunteers but that doesn‘t mean everyone needs to access it all. Here is quick guide to who can do what.

Members: The majority of the people on your site will be members. These are your workers/volunteers/contractors etc. They are able to see their own information, what teams they are on and the shifts they are eligible to take. Depending on what the site admin wants them to be able to do, they may be able to update their availability to request time off. The site admins control these settings.

Coordinators: This is a great role that allows those selected to view the calendar, access detailed information (site admins control how much) and they can suggest shifts to the managers. How is this applicable in real-life? You may have many teams scattered across a city or venue, and you may not be able check on all your workers or be there the whole time. This is where the coordinator comes in. They can log in and suggest shifts, depending on the needs of the team, and then you can approve them. These are set by team, so just because someone is a coordinator on one team, they may be just a member on another.

Managers: These people on your site get to do just that: manage. On their teams, they can make shifts, schedule, unschedule, run reports and access your tools. Again, this permission level is set by team. So just because they are a manager on one team, doesn’t mean they have the same access everywhere.

Site Admins: You get to do it all! Site admins have complete access to all the materials and can set who can see what.

More questions? Check out our Help/FAQ section.