Last week I got a call from a customer who was frantic to change the start times of 300 event shifts over a two-week period.  It was 24 hours before the first event and there was definitely not time to change each shift individually.  Finding time to call each employee about the change was out of the question.  After a brief phone conversation and viewing of a short instructional video the customer was able to change the start times of all 300 shifts in less than 5 minutes.

These Bulk Change & Bulk Upload features allow customers to:

-Upload multiple future shifts at once using an excel template
-Post assigned and unassigned shifts straight to the calendar for immediate real-time employee viewing – no messaging necessary
-Change the time, location, shift name, etc. of a group of shifts
-Delete multiple sets of shifts

These tools significantly decrease the number of hours managers spend scheduling and messaging employees.  Feedback has been extremely positive, although we still receive requests to “add more hours to each day” – sorry we won’t be able to finish that one anytime soon!