At the Give-a-Shift blog,  we focus on the positive.  We look at the cool things that our customers are doing.  We glance at the things are competitors are doing (although we don’t write about that…).  We watch the HR, staffing, scheduling, managing people worlds out there on blogs, Twitter, social networks.

The recent popularity and usefulness of the new book:  I Hate People by authors Jonathan Littman & Marc Hershon has become an oasis for workers everywhere who are stifled, put down, weary, or looking for a way out of the corporate craziness.  It offers some funny and creative ways to process the corporate life.  I’ll admit I’ve struggled with the title.  I don’t prefer the word hate.  Don’t like the way it sounds.  But these guys don’t mean it that way:  They mean to give workers a place to find solutions.

cubicle-evac-planThis post caught my eye and made me laugh: 

Cubicle Exit Strategy

“On those days when it seems the entire rest of the office is focused on sawing away at the last frayed nerve you have left, the best thing to do is just bail for awhile. Get out. Go for a walk. Grab a cup of coffee. Take a nap in a park.”

We all have days where we need to escape.  The great thing about online scheduling is I can do it from anywhere.  Manage my day remotely.

Part of their book explores the concept of Flying Solo.  Of working for yourself, or as I frequently see — being part of a remote team of contractors.  That’s a growing trend and Littman and Hershon capture the reasons why people are seeking greater flexibility and autonomy.  Some of it is economy-induced, but just as much of it is people seeking a way to manage their work life in a new way.  In a way that reflects the opportunity that new web-based technologies make possible. We see volunteers, nurses, workers of all types leveraging Shiftboard in these new ways to make managing their schedules easier, online.

Here’s to a healthy and profitable cubicle exit, if you need it.  Let us know what you think of their blog.