I am certain that all of you out there have experienced first-hand some aspect of enabling flexibility to hire or retain key team members in your organization.  More employees are telecommuting at least 1-2 days to avoid additional hours each week wasted in traffic.  Parents are bending work hours around after-school schedules.  Many folks are working two jobs, or balancing working with taking classes for additional degrees.

These types of issues affect the daily management of a restaurant (many student workers), the longer term plans of a security staffing company (law enforcement professionals by day, event security at night or on weekends), and Fortune 1,000 companies aligning virtual project teams (full-time management, specific expertise contractors).

Companies are wrestling with the challenges associated with these requirements.  In all of the real-world scenarios I just listed, our online employee scheduling software is being used for real-time staff scheduling, email and SMS/text confirmations, online reporting, and other details.

Here at Shiftboard, we are gearing up for a big 2011.  We have been creating a system for nearly a decade now that enables what our customers and the business market generally are asking for as part of a big shift in the labor market away from strictly W2 employees towards more flexible workers and blended labor pools.  Give us a call to ask us about your specific challenge or opportunity with this shift in the labor force.  It won’t be a surprise to hear from you.

— Rob