Clock In, Clock Out

Alison | August 11, 2009

Pay employees for the time that they actually work, not the time they are scheduled to work.  Sounds like a good idea, right?  In just a few clicks employee’s clock-in and clock-out online via Shiftboard. Lunches and breaks are easily tracked. Managers can view their employees work history to look for trends; showing up late, leaving early, etc.  This tool can work from any computer or be set up to only work from a computer(s) at specific locations.

If enabled, a Shiftboard team manager can clock an employee in or out.   They can also view a real-time list of all clocked in workers.  If an employee forgets to use the Timeclock system they submit an online Timecard of hours worked.  These timesheets are approved by a manager and then processed and downloaded for payroll/accounting.  You can sort and filter timesheets by client (external) or department (internal) for reporting. With Shiftboard’s electronic timesheet submission you will do away with the mess of paper and faxing. Clock in, clock out – it’s that easy!

-Alison J.