The first definition that comes up for the word solution is “the act of solving a problem, question etc” and the secondary is “the state of being solved.” We believe that at Shiftboard; we also think that a solution is only a solution if it solves your problems. We offer a powerful solution that can have a positive, immediate effect on your business. While we offer many add-ons that look shiny, increase functionality and make Shiftboard more heavy duty, at the heart of it, our core tools are powerful and need to work for you.

Our core tools make sense. They also show a deep understanding of what matters in business and scheduling: People, organization, calendar, communication and reports.

People are central to your business and you need ways to track them and their information. You need to have the right people for the right jobs and the key to that is information. We know that not all markets require the same information, so our people section is completely customizable to reflect your business’ needs. Everyone can upload a picture so you can put a face to the name. You can track interests, skills, languages, licenses and whatever else you may want to know.

Shiftboard organizes people into teams. Teams can be divided up by skill sets, clients, locations, jobs – really whatever works for you. After you have set your teams and added the appropriate people we now move to scheduling.

Our calendar has configuration options including month, week, day or hour. Additionally, you can filter it to show different views. The calendar is where you schedule your shifts, you pick the team, the number of people you need and you can assign (or choose how they are going to get assigned) them there.

Communication is arguably the most important piece of any business. What good does it do to schedule your workers if you can’t communicate with them? Shiftboard has many options for informing your workers of information and allowing them to respond back.

Information is good. Being able to organize that information in a meaningful way is great. That is where our reports section comes in. You can run a variety of reports in a variety of forms. Need to see how many hours a member has worked? No problem. Want a report that shows who works where and when? We do that, too. Want to check on your workers, as an example whose email is bad? Easy.

Think about it like ordering at a restaurant. If you don’t want the main part of a dish, you don’t order it for the sides and sauces. If the main part of this dish sounds interesting, call us.