The world is integrating, fast. At the macro level, economies are increasingly interlinked, their confidence and health retreating or rising with the flux of global financial and political tides. Our personal lives are more and more interconnected, allowing us to communicate and synchronize via a range of media. Integration between the applications and tools at our disposal helps to make us savvier and more versatile in an ever changing world.

Recognizing that Shiftboard is not the only calendaring system our clients use, we have rolled out an iCal integration feature. Now with any iCal compatible calendaring, such as Google Calendar or Outlook, you can synchronize your Shiftboard schedule to your other calendars. By selecting to Publish iCal/Google Outlook, your Shiftboard schedule and any changes you make will syndicate with the other iCal compatible systems associated with your account’s email. When you make a change in your Shiftboard calendar, you will also see that change in your Google Calendar.

We live in a rapidly evolving and fickle world. With the help of Shiftboard, you can now diversify and weave together your calendaring, making you a more adaptable agent in a sea of change.

– Alison

Keeping track of all your employees licensing and credentialing information can be a nightmare.  Far more frightening is how easy it is for these very important dates to pass without notice.

Expiration Reminders

Shiftboard’s 30-day expiration reminder tracks your employee’s credentials.  A license and expiration date can be associated with any employee.  Examples include First Aid & CPR, a driver’s license, malpractice insurance, professional license, etc. The list goes on and on.

An expiration reminder message is sent to both the user and the system administrator when there are only 30 days left on the certificate.  These simple reminders relieve a lot of stress and ensure your employees are properly certified so they can perform their jobs correctly.  This tool will also keep your business out of the legal trouble involved with expired certifications.  Phew!

-Alison J.

Pay employees for the time that they actually work, not the time they are scheduled to work.  Sounds like a good idea, right?  In just a few clicks employee’s clock-in and clock-out online via Shiftboard. Lunches and breaks are easily tracked. Managers can view their employees work history to look for trends; showing up late, leaving early, etc.  This tool can work from any computer or be set up to only work from a computer(s) at specific locations.

If enabled, a Shiftboard team manager can clock an employee in or out.   They can also view a real-time list of all clocked in workers.  If an employee forgets to use the Timeclock system they submit an online Timecard of hours worked.  These timesheets are approved by a manager and then processed and downloaded for payroll/accounting.  You can sort and filter timesheets by client (external) or department (internal) for reporting. With Shiftboard’s electronic timesheet submission you will do away with the mess of paper and faxing. Clock in, clock out – it’s that easy!

-Alison J.