Over the last decade, the internet has become intrinsically linked to the world of business such that it is now necessary, more than ever, to reexamine the old ways of doing things in order to keep up. Amongst the top priorities for businesses these days is how to handle job applicants and the overall “applicant tracking process”, especially when dealing with an increasingly tech-savvy workforce.

Of course, it is still possible to get by with just paper applications (if your company is in high-enough demand by job seekers) but the best employees are almost always going to be picked up by businesses with an online presence first. That’s just the way the world works these days.  Have I got your attention yet?

There are plenty of ways to post job applications online whether through agencies, job boards like Craigslist or even hosting them on your own business’ website. But what good does it do you if the applicant still has to email you their application or worse yet print it off and hand it in? Certainly  it doesn’t save you any time and little if any money as you still have to cycle the applications through HR along with other departments, get approvals, organize interviews and a plethora of other minutia associated with the application process. With all the different emails going back and forth, the paperwork constantly changing hands and the general disarray of it all, it’s a wonder more applications aren’t lost in the shuffle.

No, what you need is a centralized place from which you can handle all incoming applications quickly, easily and in an organized fashion. This is one of the many areas we here at Shiftboard can help you out with through our Advanced Onboarding tools and customized application forms. Not only will you be able to take in new applications and track them through the entire application process but once they’re hired, they’re already in your scheduling system so you don’t have to worry about transitioning them to new software.

Once we’ve helped you set up your customized application form and onboarding tracking labels it’s a simple matter of posting your job add on Craiglist or any of the other job boards and watching the applications come in. As the applications come in, it’s a simple matter to process each individually or in bulk setting each to the appropriate tracking status whatever that may be. Also, since all your department heads have access to the system you don’t have to worry about the paper shuffle anymore or even long email threads back and forth, all the necessary information is contained in one centralized location from notes on the applicants profile, to ratings and the application information itself. It’s all there, at your finger tips, whenever you need it.

Interested in finding out more? Get in touch with your friendly support staff by clicking on the Feedback link found on your Shiftboard Dashboard if you’re already a member or if not, give us a call on our toll free line at 1.800.746.7531 and one of our sales staff can set you up with a trial.