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I recently joined the Shiftboard team. I was, on one hand, really excited about this new opportunity, and, on the other, pretty nervous. I am coming from the nonprofit sector and this is my first foray into not only the private sector but the tech sphere!

Yes, I grew up around technology. And, yes, I frequently use technology in my life. And, yes, I have been required to learn, use and evaluate technology in past jobs. But, still, this seemed immense and possibly overwhelming. However, I am a firm believer that when starting a new job you should be at least a little terrified, this means you are leaving your comfort zone and are stretching toward personal growth.

So, onward I went.

I can report that a few weeks in, I am confident in my decision to take my career in this direction with this company. My instincts about Shiftboard were correct: It is a technology that actually makes people’s lives easier, simpler and with less hassles. All things that I want to be a part of it.

Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised that another hunch of mine was correct. What was my hunch exactly? That Shiftboard was not only user-friendly, but is a tool that actually allows organizations and companies across a number of verticals to reframe and think about their structure. Maybe you have always done your scheduling, management or grouping one way but is it really the best way? Whether that means a major overhaul or some minor tweaks our system works. We have been around for more than 12 years, so clearly we know what we are doing. And we want to help you be as successful as possible.

Back to the user-friendly aspects of Shiftboard. The solution builds on itself; we provide a holistic view to scheduling. You can’t build a schedule in a vacuum. You will be scheduling actual people, who have lives: commitments, skills, certifications, interests and more. You need to know who can do what, where and when. Once you have that you will need to organize them in ways that work for your organization. Whether that means how you group them or how they are assigned. And you will probably want to be able to communicate with them. We took care of that too. You probably will want to run some reports about who worked, how many area etc. We can do all of that. That is the beginning. Get in touch to see what other kind of functionality is available.

As I was going (and continue to go) through training, I am discovering more and more how these all work together. I am doing this by going through a process that is not only well thought out but well metered.

There is a lot to learn. Shiftboard could have thrown the whole solution at me at once, but that wouldn’t have been as effective of the building system. This is the same reason we do two manager trainings. We know there is a lot to learn and want you to be successful.

Since we always are making improvements and evolving, I know there will continue to be a lot to learn as we strive to be the best for our customers.