QRPassport is an app, separate from Shiftboard’s regular member app, that scans QR codes generated by Shiftboard. When you scan someone’s QR code you can clock them in or out, see their name and a picture, or ‘cash in’ one or more vouchers associated with their account, depending on which mode the device is using.

QRPassport screenshot SMALLv3

QRPassport is used by many organizations in different ways:

  • It can be set up on a tablet in timekeeping mode to allow users to clock themselves in and out at a specific location, or by a manager to check people in by scanning the QR code on an ID badge or the worker’s mobile device.
  • It can be used to verify the credentials of a person by scanning their code at the entrance to a controlled area to ensure that they’re a member of your Shiftboard site.
  • Many festivals and events have their vendors use QRPassport to keep track of vouchers for food or merchandise that can be awarded to participants for working on certain days or for a particular number of hours.

Timekeeping punches are reported as though you used any of Shiftboard’s other mobile, phone line, or computer-based tools, but also includes the name of the device that is set when an authorized user in your Shiftboard site enables the device.

Vouchers are available in larger event and professional packages. Want to learn more? Call 1-800-746-7531 or email sales@shiftboard.com if you’re not already a Shiftboard customer. If you are a Shiftboard customer, contact feedback@shiftboard.com and we’ll get you set up.