Napa Valley Film Festival

Registration: Napa Valley Film Festival Volunteers 2019 (November 13-17, 2019)


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Napa Valley Film Festival (NVFF)!

Before applying to volunteer, please be sure you’ve read the details of the 2019 program here.

Please keep in mind, the Volunteer Department’s decision to accept and assign volunteers depends upon the fit of a volunteer’s skills and the availability of open volunteer positions.

First, we need to cover a few main questions to check your eligibility to volunteer:

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Additional Information
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* Have you previously volunteered for the Napa Valley Film Festival?
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If yes, what was the last year and in what role did you volunteer?
How did you hear about volunteering for NVFF?
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* Why are you interested in volunteering for the NVFF? (If you are a returning volunteer, what is it that has you coming back?)

Volunteer Programs
* Please select up to three teams you would be interested in volunteering for:
Ballot counting
Box Office - week prior
Box Office - week of
Box Office - both weeks
Culinary Stage
Education Program
Filmmaker Check-In
Flex Volunteer-willing to do any role assigned (indoor or outdoor)
Lifestyle Pavilion
Collateral Distribution (year around)
Special Events Check-In
Office Assistant
On Call Volunteer
Ring Master
Gala (can be late hours)
Transportation (can be late hours)
Volunteer check-in
Wine Intermissions
Year around Volunteer
* Please select the program you are applying for.

Full Fest Volunteer: 35+ Hours Volunteer (fixed schedule)

  • Work a pre-assigned schedule  
  • On average 6-8+ hour shifts  
  • Work everyday of the festival or 35 + hours of pre-festival or a combination of pre-fest and festival.  
  • Additional training days may be required  
  • Receive credential with unlimited access to films when not on shift. 
  • Volunteer Circle Membership

Half Fest Volunteer: 25 + hours Volunteer (combination of fixed and or flexible schedule)

  • On average 6-8 hour shifts
  • Work 4 or more days every day the week of the festival or 25 + hours pre-festival or a combination of pre-fest and festival.
  • Receive credential with unlimited access to films when not on shift.

Shift Choice Volunteer: 12 hours+

  • On average 6-8 hour shifts
  • Receive one volunteer voucher for every shift volunteered. Volunteer vouchers are redeemable for one film ticket for the volunteer on a space-available basis. Vouchers and credentials are nontransferable and must be used by the volunteer with his or her credential.

Volunteer Lodging

Lodging in the Napa Valley area during the Festival can be expensive and difficult to secure. Some Full Fest volunteers MAY be eligible for donated housing but it is NOT guaranteed. (Keep in mind donated housing is not glamorous; it could be a sofa sleeper.) Half Fest, shift choice and Napa Valley residents ARE NOT eligible for donated lodging.

* Please select your lodging information

Volunteer Teams of Interest
* Please select the city you would be most interested in working:
* Are you interested in being a team/venue manager?
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If yes, please answer the following:
Have you managed people in an event or festival-like or other environment before?
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Please explain the event/position you held as a manager. Include your responsibilities and number of people you managed.

Skill Sets
Are you certified to pour alcohol?
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* Please choose your certification(s)
Not Applicable
If other, please list

Please upload a copy of your certifications in the applicant information section above.

* Can Stand for Long Periods of Time
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* Team Player
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* Detail Oriented
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Interacting with Public in Professional Settings
Film Festival Experience
Highly Organized
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Ability to Handle High Pressure Situations
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* Computer Skills
Events Operations Experience
Customer Service Experience
IT Experience
Cash Handling
Public Speaking
Do You Speak Any Foreign Languages?
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If so, please specify.
* Are you willing to drive as part of volunteering?
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* Are you willing to do physical labor as part of volunteering?
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Anything else we should know about you?
Are there any skills you would like to tell us about? (This is your opportunity to provide additional skills not listed above or elaborate on the ones you selected.)

Emergency Contacts
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Thank you for your interest!

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