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Monday April 1 Evening (before 10 pm)
Tuesday April 2 Morning (before noon)
Tuesday April 2 Afternoon (before 5 pm)
Tuesday April 2 Evening (before 10 pm)
Wednesday April 3rd Morning (before noon)
Wednesday April 3rd Afternoon (before 5pm)
Wednesday April 3rd Evening (before 10pm)
Wednesday April 3rd Late Night (10pm until)
Thursday April 4th Morning (before noon)
Thursday April 4th Afternoon (before 5pm)
Thursday April 4th Evening (before 10pm)
Thursday April 4th Late Night (10pm until)
Friday April 5th Morning (before noon)
Friday April 5th Afternoon (before 5pm)
Friday April 5th Evening (before 10pm)
Friday April 5th Late Night (10pm until)
Saturday April 6th Morning (before noon)
Saturday April 6th Afternoon (before 5pm)
Saturday April 6th Evening (before 10pm)
Saturday April 6th Late Night (10pm until)
Sunday April 7th Morning (before noon)
Sunday April 7th Afternoon (before 5pm)
Sunday April 7th Evening (before 10pm)
Sunday April 7th Late Night (10pm until)
Monday April 8th Morning (before noon)
Monday April 8th Afternoon (before 5pm)

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