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The 2018 Primary Election is on June 5, 2018.  Applicants must be 18 years of age or older no later than June 5, 2018. Application review begins in January 2018. View Poll Official roles/responsibilities/compensation rates. 

Bernalillo County employees will be assigned as System Clerks for Election Day only, June 5, 2018.

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Notice to Applicant - Please read before you click submit:

No applicant is guaranteed an assignment, and applicants agree to an interview as needed. The Bureau of Elections can dismiss an individual for failure to attend training, misbehavior, poor customer service, neglect of duty, or insubordination, etc. Applicants must attend in-person mandatory training and work as assigned to receive a training stipend. Failure to complete in-person training and/or failure to report to the assigned Vote Center disqualifies an individual from receiving any compensation for services. Messengers must have transportation to deliver election materials to a Drop Zone on Election Night. Poll Officials work an average of 15 hours on Election Day. Communication to applicants is by email and/or text regarding interview, training dates, manuals/curriculum, and assignments. Applicants must disclose conflicts with schedule upon application. Changes in contact information in Shiftboard DOES NOT change voter registration information. Compensation is subject to tax withholding and is paid 30 days after an election in regular payroll. Bernalillo County employee applicants must have supervisor approval for vacation leave or personal holiday. By submitting this application, you agree to have read, understand and accept the Notice to Applicant, qualifications, and wish to apply as a Poll Official for the upcoming election. Changes made to contact information in this scheduling program DOES NOT change voter registration information.

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