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If you’ve ALREADY REGISTERED through Shiftboard, sign in and UPDATE your account information. If you have received an email with a temporary password, sign in using that password. Do NOT create a new account.

If you've NOT applied, complete your registration. The 2017 School Board Election is held on February 7, 2017.  Those interested in serving MUST complete the application or update fields in yellow. Student Election Clerks must be US Citizens, be 16 or 17 years of age at the time of the election, February 7, 2017; and have parental/legal guardian consent. The minor’s parent or legal guardian must reside in Bernalillo County. 


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Student Election Clerks work as System Clerks on Election Day, February 7, 2017. Students must take a skills assessment.

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Early Voting assignments may be scheduled on: Jan. 21, Jan. 28 or Feb. 4.

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Notice to Student Applicant - Please read before you click submit:

Applying does not guarantee a position. All Student Applicants must be able to read and write and have the necessary capacity to carry out a precinct board member's functions with acceptable skill and dispatch; and execute the precinct board member's oath of office (NM Election Code 1-2-7).

Parental/Legal Guardian Consent is required. Please download the Consent Form and use the document upload at the top of the page to submit the consent form. By clicking on the "Submit" button, you agree to have read, understand and accept the Notice to Applicant, and wish to apply as a Student Election Clerk for the upcoming election.


Click here to view Poll Official roles, responsibilities and rates of compensation.

We appreciate your interest in becoming a Student Election Clerk.




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