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* We work on many events throughout the year. Please select which events you are interested in below.
Cook Street Block Party - May 27 This is a community event!
Car Free YYJ - June 17 This is a community event!
Canada Day - July 1 This is a community event!
Rock The Shores - July 13 - 15 Colwood - This is a 3 day music festival - 12 hour commitment for perks
Phillips Backyard Weekender - July 20 - 22 Victoria - This is a 3 day music festival - 12 hour commitment for perks (MUST be 19+)
Rifflandia Festival - September 13 - 16 Victoria - This is a 4 day music festival - 20 hour commitment for perks

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Community Outreach
Merchandise Sales
Stage Crew
Bike Lockup
General Volunteer (May include coat check, guest services, hospitality, site courier, or other tasks)
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Poster or notice distribution
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Community engagement
Customer service
Photography or film
Language skills (French, Spanish or a language other than English)
Heavy machinery
Hospitality & Catering
Marketing, advertising and publicity
Transportation logistics
Traffic and parking flagging
Food service
Sound & Lighting
Conferences & Registration
Cash Handling
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