Feature Friday: Bulk Change Tool

by Sakina on November 21, 2014

Changing many shifts at a time is extremely easy in Shiftboard using the Bulk Change Tool. To do this, select a shift on the calendar and on the right hand side in the shift details select Change.

On the next page, choose the Bulk/Mass Change button at the top.

There are 3 steps to go through with this tool. On the first step, you will see a number of different filter options to choose from. Check these different options to narrow down the specific shifts you’d like to find. Do not make your changes on this step! Only use current settings to search for the shifts. When you are finished, select the Preview button at the bottom of the page. (If you are changing shifts in the past, make sure to select the “Include Previous Dates” checkbox.”)

Step 2 will give you a list of all shifts the system has found. If this does not look correct, go back to Step 1 and change your filters until the list is accurate. When you are ready, select Step 3. On this step is where you can choose which changes need to be made. Just make the required selections, hit Yes, Change and you’re all set!

Guess what? Shift changes aren’t the only thing you can do in bulk! You can always bulk delete, unpublish/publish and bulk assign! Any of these options will take you through these exact steps so you’ll always know exactly what to do!

To make your time more efficient in Shiftboard, be sure to check out our bulk change tool!


The Anchorage International Film Festival, founded in 2001, is attended by over 9,000 people each year. Running from December 5-14, AIFF is the only multi-genre international film event in the state. This year, don’t miss the opening night gala featuring the film “WildLike”, following a lost teen deep in the wilderness of Alaska.

AIFF is a non-profit organization that looks to enlighten spirits through film. Help them by volunteering your time! Every two hours earns you a free film admission ticket. Learn more here!


Shiftboard Events/RSVP

by Sakina on November 18, 2014

Did you know you can create other things besides shifts on your Shiftboard site? You better believe it! We offer other choices when it comes to shift creation. Create Holiday or Special Date events whenever you need. Or create RSVP lists for events that need a guest count. We know that there are times when non shift-like assignments are needed.Whether it’s for a company picnic or training event, it’s very easy to post these on the Shiftboard calendar.

To create a special event go to the Settings and select New Event on the right hand side.

You can choose the level of event, who has access to it, and the type of event needed.

Employees can easily sign up for events and RSVP with number of guests allowed.



Featured Member: Denver Film Festival

by Sakina on November 12, 2014

The Denver Film Festival runs from November 12th – 23rd and showcases over 200 films. The first festival was held on May 4, 1978 and has continued every year since. This year, the festival’s focus is on the films of Brazil. The Big Night presentation for this year on Saturday, November 15th is The Imitation Game. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, it tells the story about a group of people who crack the German code during World War II.

Being a non-profit organization, Denver Film Festival relies on volunteers to help run the festival during its 11 day span. Please consider donating your time and learn more about volunteering here!


Shiftboard Filebox

by Sakina on November 10, 2014

The Shiftboard Filebox allows the option to store a number of different files from documents to images to spreadsheets. You can easily share these documents through broadcast emails and on the news page so your employees have easy access to download the files to their computers.

To do this, first upload the file into the Filebox as shown below.

Grab the link to copy next to the document name and paste this link anywhere you’d like!


Feature Friday: Adherence Reports

by Sakina on November 7, 2014

Shiftboard’s Timekeeping tool allows your employees to clock in and out a number a different ways. Whether they choose to do this from their phone, by calling a specific number or using the QR code, Shiftboard can compare the exact minute they clocked in to the time they were scheduled to work.

The Adherence Report shows you this difference. Any overages are easily found in red in the “Difference” column.

To find the Adherence report, associating timecards with shifts must be turned on. To enable this, select Settings > General Settings > Application Settings > Timekeeper and verify that the first option called “Associate Timecards/Clock-ins with Shifts” is set to Always – (Required). You can then pull the report by going to Reports > Timekeeper and selecting Schedule/Timecard Adherence. Put in the correct date range and any additional filters needed, select Get Timecards, and choose the Download this Report link to view the Difference column.


Featured Member: AFI Fest

by Sakina on November 5, 2014

AFI FEST is coming! The American Film Institute’s annual celebration of international cinema starts November 6th. The festival marks Los Angeles’ longest running international film festival having started in 1971.

Opening this year’s festival is “A Most Violent Year.” Set in 1981 during one of the most crime-ridden winters in NYC, the film follows a husband and wife as they attempt to capitalize on the American Dream. The director J.C. Chandor will be in attendance so be sure not to miss it!

AFI FEST is looking for volunteers to help make this year’s festival a success! Find out more about volunteering here and donate your time!


Custom Reports

by Sakina on November 3, 2014

If you’ve been following along with the Shiftboard Give-A-Shift blog, there is a common theme that should be emerging. Customization! It truly is the most important feature of any shift scheduling software. Even within same business divisions, the way people do scheduling can vary greatly. Being able to customize exactly what you want is the biggest benefit to any kind of scheduling software.

Playing along with the theme, let me introduce to you custom reports!

Shiftboard provides a number of different reports for your needs. However anytime you would like a specific report, we’d be happy to create that for you in the custom reports tab. Want to see only shift start times and the employee’s t-shirt size? No problem! Anything is possible!


First held in 2000, the San Diego Asian Film Festival is an annual event celebrating the rich diversity of Asian Pacific Islanders through the media arts. The opening night film, “Revenge of the Green Dragons” was the official selection at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. Be sure not to miss the opening night party after the screening where the cast/crew of the film will be!

SDAFF counts on the enthusiasm of their passionate volunteers to help make this festival a success. Please consider donating your time and volunteering! You can find out more information here.

We are giving away free movie tickets for the festival! Just follow and tweet us @shiftboard about which movie you are most excited to see to be entered to win!


Aloha! Who’s ready for sunny weather and movie watching? Starting October 30th the 35th annual Hawaii International Film Festival kicks off! HIFF is the premier international film event in the Pacific with award winning cinematographers and films screened each year during the 10 day event. Over 70,000 film enthusiasts visit this festival every year from around the globe. This year, the opening night film features The Vancouver Asahi. Based on the true story of the baseball team who played in Canada prior to World War II.

HIFF needs volunteers to help make this festival a success! Check out more information and register online here.