If you’re not excited about the cutting edge of Asian film and you have a Netflix account then shame on you! Its time to dip your toe into the boon of creativity that Asia is bursting with. Great films like Life of Pi (2012), Stoker (2013), and The Raid: Redemption (2011) may have crossed your path recently enough but they come from a long heritage of cinematic genius.

Japan’s Akira Kurosawa, Taiwan’s Ang Lee, and South Korea’s Park Chan Wook are now household names to those that appreciate filmmakers, and some films have reached equal acclaim through handling the controversial with skill and nuance such as Battle Royale (2000) with its teenage gladiator-like premise, which only 10 years later has been sidled up to by the similarly themed dystopian fantasy The Hunger Games. In the area of horror, the standout Japanese film Audition (1999) brought subtlety back to the genre like few films have since Kubrick’s The Shining, through its slow burning drama leading up to a deeply unsettling climax that made some popular horror directors quake in their splatter guard ponchos.

Now that I’ve whet your palette, I give you the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Fest (LAAPFF)! In its 29th year, it is responsible for breaking Justin Lin, who presented Better Luck Tomorrow (2002), Fast 5 (2011), and Finishing the Game (2007) in previous years. LAAPFF is the only Asian American film festival that has a project market, Project Catalyst, for up and coming feature length film makers.They also host exclusive events and screenings and are known for breaking filmmakers into Hollywood.

This year’s festival will include special guests: Keo Woolford (Hawaii 5-0, director of The Haumana), Amanda Plummer (Pulp Fiction, is starring in Abigail Harm), Brian Yang (Hawaii 5-0, a producer of Linsanity is starring in Someone I Used To Know), Dat Phan (Winner of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, is Co-starring in Sake-Bomb), Jason Tobin (Better Luck Tomorrow, is starring in Chink), and Brea Grant (Heroes, is starring in Best Friends Forever).

Buy a ticket or volunteer! If you live in the area and want to be a pitch in, click here to register today!


The Chicago Latino Film Festival (CLFF) kicked off with an Opening Night Gala presentation by Rafa Lara of his new historical epic Cinco de Mayo: The Battle, the star of which, Kuno Becker also was in attendance. CLFF will be in full swing until April 25th with films from Latin America, Spain, Portugal, and the U.S. Indeed a culturally bountiful cinematic assortment of 84 feature films and 38 shorts, all selected from over 350 submissions collected this year.

CLFF works with local higher education institutions such as Columbia College and DePaul University, the latter of which is presenting this year’s Student Film Segment of the festival.

Another unique series of films that CLFF is proud to offer this year is the Mexican-Jewish Connections. “We’re thrilled to be working with AJC Chicago to showcase the many ways Mexican and Jewish cultures draw inspiration from each other in film,” said Carlos Tortolero, president and founder of the National Museum of Mexican Art.

Carlos M. Jaureguialzo’s new film Marriage will be shown at the Night of Argentina Gala event on April 19th where award-winning Cuban actor-director Jorge Perugorría will be presented with the Gloria Career Achievement Award.

With hundreds of volunteers to schedule, the festival’s small staff has simplified their process with a little cloud-based program we like to call Shiftboard.

“Shiftboard had simplified our lives so much!”

- Maria Lopez, Associate of Development & Marketing

If you’re in the Chicago area and want to immerse yourself in the freshest latino cinematic treasures, then check out the lineup and get your tickets now!


Cancellations & No Shows

by Eric on April 2, 2013

What if the day of a shift comes and the member confirmed for that shift is a no show?

First, how we can prevent it!

If you are a seasoned client of Shiftboard, then you probably know about our Tradeboard tool which allows members to reach out to team members to get their shifts covered when they can’t make it, all while Shiftboard keeps management in the loop.

However, If your organization is interested in allowing staff to claim their own shifts then there’s another quick and clean way to keep shifts filled.

First, when creating shifts, select “Allow Pick-Up”

Second, set all relevant team settings to allow for “No Cancellation Restriction”

Setting a short cancel period, or even no restrictions to cancelling, means that Shiftboard’s smarts are on your side:

  • Shiftboard will notify management if a member unconfirms a shift.

  • The unconfirmed shift, because it is marked as “Allow Pick-Up”, will go immediately back onto the calendar as an available shift to be claimed by another member within seconds.

This solution gives management time to react to the change hours or days in advance instead of the shift time arriving and the member who was assigned the shift never showing up. In the last minute is certainly not the time you want to be scrambling to get a replacement.

Might Allow Pick-Up be a bit too much freedom for your organization?

Would you rather have your members line up to claim a filled shift in case a member can’t make it?

Standby does just that! Just pick the team and date, and set a short cancellation period or no cancellation restrictions.  If a member unconfirms for that day then the next member on the standby list can be slotted immediately into that shift. They can even specify what times they are available and if they would like to be called first.

Now, to answer the question that started it all!

If the shift comes and the member doesn’t – then mark them as No Show directly in the shift details or during the shift using the Who’s On? tools. The No Show tool can be enabled in the settings and can be tracked in shift reports.


If you’d like to learn more about anything mentioned in this article, then feel free to contact our feedback team using the Feedback button on your Dashboard.


Guest Posted By Daniel


Advanced Onboarding, Craigslist, And You.

by Eric on November 28, 2012

Over the last decade, the internet has become intrinsically linked to the world of business such that it is now necessary, more than ever, to reexamine the old ways of doing things in order to keep up. Amongst the top priorities for businesses these days is how to handle job applicants and the overall “applicant tracking process”, especially when dealing with an increasingly tech-savvy workforce.

Of course, it is still possible to get by with just paper applications (if your company is in high-enough demand by job seekers) but the best employees are almost always going to be picked up by businesses with an online presence first. That’s just the way the world works these days.  Have I got your attention yet?

There are plenty of ways to post job applications online whether through agencies, job boards like Craigslist or even hosting them on your own business’ website. But what good does it do you if the applicant still has to email you their application or worse yet print it off and hand it in? Certainly  it doesn’t save you any time and little if any money as you still have to cycle the applications through HR along with other departments, get approvals, organize interviews and a plethora of other minutia associated with the application process. With all the different emails going back and forth, the paperwork constantly changing hands and the general disarray of it all, it’s a wonder more applications aren’t lost in the shuffle.

No, what you need is a centralized place from which you can handle all incoming applications quickly, easily and in an organized fashion. This is one of the many areas we here at Shiftboard can help you out with through our Advanced Onboarding tools and customized application forms. Not only will you be able to take in new applications and track them through the entire application process but once they’re hired, they’re already in your scheduling system so you don’t have to worry about transitioning them to new software.

Once we’ve helped you set up your customized application form and onboarding tracking labels its a simple matter of posting your job add on Craiglist or any of the other job boards and watching the applications come in. As the applications come in, it’s a simple matter to process each individually or in bulk setting each to the appropriate tracking status whatever that may be. Also, since all your department heads have access to the system you don’t have to worry about the paper shuffle anymore or even long email threads back and forth, all the necessary information is contained in one centralized location from notes on the applicants profile, to ratings and the application information itself. It’s all there, at your finger tips, whenever you need it.

Interested in finding out more? Get in touch with your friendly support staff by clicking on the Feedback link found on your Shiftboard Dashboard if you’re already a member or if not, give us a call on our toll free line at 1.800.746.7531 and one of our sales staff can set you up with a trial.


Shiftboard HQ, Now With Improved Views!

by Eric on November 16, 2012

Also, we have rainbows! Image: Smith Tower by Sakina Crocker

As of the beginning of November, Shiftboard headquarters has relocated from just across Westlake in the heart of downtown Seattle to offices in the storied Smith Tower, part of Seattle’s Pioneer Square. Built in 1914, Seattle’s Smith Tower is a building replete with history and character. At one point one of the tallest buildings in the country, it is now a little bit smaller than some of its neighbors, but that’s ok because it has remained a Seattle icon all the same. From it’s classic elevators manually operated by attendants to its turn of the century (last century that is!) architectural design it is a magnificent building and one Shiftboard is happy to call home.

On top of it all, we can watch all the Sounders and Seahawks home games… just don’t tell the boss. :-) So next time you’re visiting Seattle be sure to give us a wave as you pass by!


Founded in 1998 by local film buffs, Pickford Film Center (affectionately known by locals simply as The Pickford) started as a small independent theatre but has grown into regions leading venue for independent film. Open year round, The Pickford brings the best in independent film to Bellingham, WA and greater Whatcom county and thanks to their impressive new facilities opened in 2010, even more people can see great films. Having lived in Bellingham for four years, yours truly has had the distinct pleasure of experiencing The Pickford first hand and I can comfortably say it’s something that shouldn’t be missed.

So, if you’re in Bellingham whether as a student attending WWU or just passing through, be sure to stop on by The Pickford and the locals will be sure to show you a good time!

Interested in volunteering for The Pickford? Check out their Shiftboard site here to help out!

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Ongoing Events 6/18 – 6/24

by Eric on June 19, 2012

Film Independent:  6/14 – 6/24

What would L.A. be without movies, I mean this is Hollywood we’re talking about right? The LA Film Fest (by Film Independent) brings the films back to the people, showcasing nearly 200 feature films over 10 days. So hurry up and get to downtown LA to catch some of the best new and independent films!


Frameline36: 6/14 – 6/24

Can’t make it to LA this week but you’re in San Fransisco and want to see some awesome films? Check out Frameline 36, San Fran’s renowned LGBT international film festival. Featuring films from across the LGBT spectrum, Frameline is amongst the premier festivals of the LGBT and film communities so be sure to stop in for something amazing!


Palm Springs International Film Festival: 6/19 – 6/25

The big city a bit much for you? Well than you might want to check out the Shortfest presented by the Palm Springs International film Society. Now in its 18th year Shortfest puts the spotlight on short films from around the world and the directors that brought them to you. With opening festivities tonight, you better get your tickets soon, so don’t forget!

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This past March marked the 40th anniversary of Houston’s long running Bayou City Art Festival. Established and organized by the nonprofit Art Colony Association, the Bayou City Art Festival has brought renowned art and artists to the streets of Houston for the past four decades.

In addition to winning a number of prestigious awards from art critics, most of the proceeds from Bayou City Art Festival go to local charities in the Houston metropolitan area. So, not only are you partaking in wonderful art from around the world, but you’re helping the local community in the process!

You may have missed the festival at Memorial park but don’t fret! The Bayou City Art Festival will be hosting another event in downtown Houston this October. If you wanna help out check out the Bayou City Art Festival Shiftboard site for opportunities come this fall.

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MIT is renowned the world over as being one of the leading research institutions especially in the areas of technology and mathematics. A university the stature of MIT requires a lot of technological logistics to handle all the requirements of the various academic programs and IS&T is the group that makes sure all that is in place.  To be sure, it’s no simple task to maintain a network with over 40,000 devices on it and a 2,500 mile fiber optic loop connecting multiple cities but this is a job that IS&T doesn’t bat an eye at.

Shiftboard is proud to work with IS&T as they continue to ensure that the faculty and student body at MIT have nothing but the highest quality technological support for all their academic studies.

For more information on IS&T or MIT be sure to check out their sites linked to in the text above!

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As part of one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the land, Harvard College Library has a long and storied tradition of excellence dating back to 1638. From a starting point of a mere 400 books, Harvard College Library has grown to become the largest academic library in the world boasting over 70 libraries ranging across all the academic disciplines.

Far from a staid institution, Harvard College Library has been working with Shiftboard as we together continue to streamline the operation of the university library system helping the move into the 21st century and beyond. As the world becomes more reliant on information in the internet age, institutions like Harvard College Library with their riches of knowledge will certainly grow in true value and we here at Shiftboard are privileged to be a part of it.

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